Museum of Almaty was founded in 2001. It has become a major scientific and cultural center representing the entire gamut of historical and cultural heritage of the Zhetysu region. The museum collection consists of more than 35 thousand exhibits, including works of art, a unique collection of Kazakh ethnography and ethnographical materials of the peoples of today's Almaty, the collection of household items from different ages and cultures, as well as various coins, photos and documents.

The dynastic royal burial grounds "The Boraldai Saka burial complex," with the extant cultural and natural landscapes, is part of the museum.

In 2015, the Almaty Association of Museums was established. It was made up of Museum of Almaty, Museum of D. Kunaev, Ykylas Museum of Folk Musical Instruments, Museum of N. Tlendiev, State Literary-Memorial Museum of S. Mukanov and G. Musrepov , the Multimedia Center for Traditional Art.

In 2016, the building of the former orphanage was handed over to the Museum, and a new exposition opened to the public there.

The building was erected in 1892. The project was developed by the architect Paul Gurde.

The orphanage of Verny town was established in 1879 by the Committee of Public Orphanages. On 1 August 1883, the town council allocated two blocks (12 farm allotments) for the construction of the orphanage. The project development and the construction estimates were entrusted to the honorary member of the Board of Trustees responsible for technical issues, P. Gurde. On the 20th of July, the building and the church were completed to be consecrated on 27 August 1892.

Since 1897, the orphanage was managed by N. Pantusova, an honorary member of the Semirechensk regional guardianship. P. Zenkov, L. Fidler, and others were on the board of trustees. The governors of the region, representatives of the town administration, the clergy were among the permament donors; as well as the residents of Verny, Kazakhs of Verny region and others.

In Soviet times, the orphanage was relocated to Issyk. The government of Kaz ASSR moved in the building; it was later occupied by medical facilities, the first Children's Hospital, the Almaty Medical College, and now, it is the building of Museum of Almaty.

The Verny orphanage was one of the best buildings in the town of Verny, designed by the renowned architect of Verny, Paul Gurde, who made a significant contribution to the appearance of the town. It reflects the eclectic architectural design trends of the late XIX  century.