The multimedia exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the golden cradle of Independence – the city of Almaty. A fascinating display of historical material will create vivid impressions and expand knowledge of modern Kazakh megalopolis, which has been the financial, economic, cultural and tourist center of the country.

It was in Almaty that the Declaration of Independence of our country was adopted 25 years ago. Almaty is on the list of 600 largest cities, generating 60% of the world's GDP. According the study Global and World Cities (UK), Almaty ranks among the major world cities along with Abu Dhabi, Lyon, Rotterdam. Outperforming development rates of the city were confirmed by the data of "Financial Post": in 2015 Almaty was among the top 10 cities in the world in terms of the dynamics of development.

As a result of the President's policy, the GRP of Almaty has increased 100-fold in the years of independence and its share in GDP grew by a factor of 2 (from 10 to 22.2%). The city generates a fifth of the country's economy and a third of the national budget revenues.

The multimedia display includes unique historical photos and videos about the city and the Zhetysu region. Dynamic and interactive format of the presentation allows for the easy perception of important dates and facts of the city's history. Projections on big screens, elements of animation and music allow the visitors to get absorbed in the atmosphere of the history of Almaty.

The 3D-tour gives the opportunity to feast one's eyes on such sights as the Republic Square, Medeo Sports Complex, the Park of the First President of Kazakhstan, Kok Tobe, the Universiade sports facility "Ice Arena 1," the Universiade sports facility "Ice Arena 2," Abay Opera and Ballet Theatre, Holy Ascension Cathedral, the Archaeological Park "The Boraldai Saka burial mounds," the hotel "Kazakhstan," Ski Jumping Complex, the Memorial of Glory, Kazakh State Circus, Athletic Village, Alatau Sanatorium, Zhailjau Golf Club, the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan, Abay Metro Station, Almaty Central Mosque.