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Museum of Almaty

Museum of Almaty was founded in 2002 in the building of the former Vernenskiy orphan home. The history of Almaty city is stored in 11 room: here you can discover various eras of the Southern capital for yourself: “Ancient history of Almaty”, “Medieval history of Almaty”, “At the origins of Kazakh state system”, “Vernenskiy period of history of Almaty”, “Almaty in XX century”, etc.

About the Museum

Museum collections consist of about 35 thousand of artefacts. Among them are works of pictorial art, unique collections of Kazakh ethnography, and also ethnography of representatives of ethnic groups who live nowadays in Almaty, collections of household items of various epochs and cultures, numismatics, photo and documents.

Exhibitions and events

On the eve of the 30-th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the occasion of the Day of the city of Almaty — the golden cradle of our Independence, in the museums of the State Enterprise «Association of the Museums of Almaty» of the Department of Culture of Almaty the action «Handing out — Aport apples» was held.

The origin of aport apples, the history of which dates back to Almaty. Russian travelers who explored the Verny fortress describe Almaty as a medieval

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Science and Publications

Interesting facts

Initially the building of the museum was Vernenskiy orphan home, which has been built in 1892. The author of the project – the architect Paul Lionel Basil Gourdet.

In front of the building of the Almaty Museum, the children of the orphanage planted a Pine Park in the ХІХ century.

From 1879 to 1904, 260 orphans were raised and initially educated at the orphanage.

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The museum structure

Bakbergen Zhaksylykovich Taysheev

Нead of the Almaty Museum

  • 272-43-21
  • museumalmaty@mail.ru

Abekova Lazzat Lukpanovna

Head of inventory and preservation of funding

  • 267-59-05
  • museumalmaty@mail.ru

Nurlytanova Meruert Madievna

Head of the cultural and educational department

  • 267-59-05
  • museumalmaty@mail.ru

Ataev Olzhas Asylhanovich

Head of the scientific and exhibition department

  • 267-53-86
  • museumalmaty@mail.ru

Taisarieva Layra Nasyrzhanovna

Head of accounting department

  • 248-31-95
  • museumalmaty@mail.ru

Kokumbekov Eskendir Zhanatovich

Head of the administrative and management department

  • 267-59-05
  • museumalmaty@mail.ru

Slamzhanova Akerke Ashadovna

Public procurement specialist

  • 248-31-95
  • museumalmaty@mail.ru

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Tuesday – Sunday, 10:00-19.00
Monday – cleaning day


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