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Exhibition «Abyzga ainalgan Asanali», dedicated to the 85th anniversary of actor Asanali Ashimov

On April 8, 2022, the Museum of Almaty hosted the opening of the exhibition «Abyzga ainalgan Asanali», dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Asanali Ashimov.

The names of such famous personalities as Asanali Ashimov, the coryphaeus of Kazakh cinema and theatrical art, are inscribed in golden letters in the annals of the Kazakh theater and cinema.

Honored Art Worker, People’s Artist of the USSR, People’s Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, awarded with the independent «Tarlan» award for significant achievements in the field of cinematography, owner of various orders and medals, the pride of national culture Asanali Ashimov was noted not only by numerous awards, but also by the sincere love of the audience on all post-Soviet space.

Everyone has their own path in life. In the diverse characters that Asanali Ashimov created on stage and in the cinema, a bright personal beginning prevails. His heroes are interesting for their purposefulness, fortitude and multifaceted stage attractiveness.

Many generations of Kazakh intellectuals grew up watching his films. Through all the work of Asanali Ashimov, love for the native land passes. This is especially noticeable in the film «Kyz-Zhibek», where he played the negative character Bekezhan. This film was shown in all countries, and all over the world could see the beauty of our land, the ancient nomadic traditions, folk customs. Asanali Ashimov stood at the origins of Kazakhstani cinema, made a huge contribution to the treasury of world cinema. And today he continues to delight us with his creative successes and the talents of his students.

The exhibition will feature personal belongings and photo documents of Asanali Ashimov, gifts from friends and colleagues, items related to the Kazakh theater and cinema, and photo documents from the funds of the Museum of Almaty.

Guests of the grand opening of the exhibition: representatives of the Department of Culture of Almaty, veterans of the Kazakh theater and cinema, the media, etc.

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