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Exhibition “Kazakh televiziyasynyn karlygashy” dedicated to the 101st anniversary of Zulhiya Zhumatova

On February 19, 2021, the Museum of Almaty hosted the opening of a joint exhibition with the branch of RTRK “Kazakhstan” in Almaty “Kazakh televiziyasynyn karlygashy”, dedicated to the 101st anniversary of Zulkhiya Zhumatova.

Zulkhiya Zhumatova is the first star of the Kazakh television. The queen of the screen and a living legend of Kazakh television. Her life is a vivid story, and her experience is a textbook of excellence for leaders of all generations.

The history of Kazakh television begins with the names of such famous personalities as Zulkhiya Zhumatova, who was one of the first to announce the flight of Yu.Gagarin in space. The services of Z. Zhumatova and her colleagues were highly appreciated by the legendary announcer Yu. Levitan, who said: “The best announcer group in the Soviet Union – Alma-Ata”.

The exhibition featured Zulkhiya Zhumatova’s personal belongings and photographic documents, items related to Kazakh television provided by the QAZAQSTAN TV and radio corporation, as well as film cameras, televisions and photographic documents from the collections of the Almaty Museum.

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