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Exibition «Тұмса тарих тереңінен…»

Every year, the third Sunday of September is a significant date for the cultural capital of the country — Almaty, when the City Day is celebrated. As part of the celebration of the City Day, on September 6, the Almaty Museum hosted the opening of the exhibition “Тұмса тарих тереңінен…”, dedicated to the history of the city.

The exhibition presents artifacts from the funds of the Museum of Almaty, found on the territory of our city during archaeological excavations carried out on the sites of small settlements that arose three thousand years ago, and medieval cities along the Great Silk Road.

A city at the foot of the mountains with a thousand-year history and indescribable nature, modern Almaty is the embodiment of the bold and dynamic development of Kazakhstan.

На церемонии открытия выставки приняли участие руководитель Управления культуры города Алматы Г.А. Майлибаев, д.и.н., археолог, профессор КазНУ им. Аль-Фараби А.Т. Толеубаев, писатель, лауреат Международной литературной премии «Алаш» К. Туменбай, заместитель директора по науке Ғылым Ордасы Н.Б. Сейдин, историк, заслуженный деятель РК, основатель Музея Алматы Е.К. Ауэзов, д.и.н., профессор С.Ф. Мажитов и другие известные ученые, представители СМИ и жители города.

The head of the Department of Culture of the city of Almaty G.A. Maylibaev, Doctor of Historical Sciences, archaeologist, professor of the Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi A.T. Toleubaev, writer, laureate of the International Literary Prize «Alash» K. Tumenbay, Deputy Director for Science Gylym Ordasy N.B. Seidin, historian, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, founder of the Museum of Almaty E.K. Auezov, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor S.F. Mazhitov and other well-known scientists, media representatives and residents of the city took part in the opening ceremony of the exhibition. .

Museum guests will be able to visit the exhibition until September 12.

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