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Museum of D. A. Kunayev

Museum of D. A. Kunayev

The most attended museum of the city is the museum of Dinmukhamed Akhmedovich Kunayev, it was opened in 2002, on the occasion of his 90th anniversary. The memorial museum-apartment, where D. A. Kunayev has been living during the period since 1969 till 1993, was opened in 2012, on the occasion of his 100th anniversary. Having visited the memorial apartment-museum, you immersed yourself in a remarkable atmosphere, in which the public official has been living.

About the Museum

The museum consists of two complexes. The first complex is museum of D. A. Kunayev, it consists of three exposition rooms, devoted to life and activity of D. A. Kunayev. The museum’s exposition tells about childhood and student years, on professional experience, on political, scientific and state activity of the great.

Second complex is memorial apartment-museum of D. A. Kunayev, where he lived 24 years. The museum exposition consists of the following rooms: working room of D. A. Kunayev, living room, bedroom and kitchen.

3-зал мемориальный (1)
2-зал урмалы (1)
4-зал кобыз (1)

Interesting facts

Even leader of KazSSR could not speak aloud on the phone.

The position is not specified on business card of Dinmukhamed Akhmetovich, only full name, home address and phones

Near Vernyi, 1913. Photo of Leibin from album of Folbaum

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The museum structure

Elena Ivatovna Kubasheva

Director of the Museum

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  • 2614269kz@mail.ru

Zhannet Dauletovna Serikbayeva

Head of the Department

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Farida Kudaibergenovna Nogaybayeva

Cashier accountant

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Nurila Sergeevna Zhusipbayeva

Senior Research Assistant

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For Visitors

Working Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday, 10:00-19.00
Monday – cleaning day

Price list:

Adults – 400 KZT
Students – 300 KZT
Secondary school students – 200 KZT
Pensioners – 200 KZT
Tour – 500 KZT
(Wednesday - Saturday: adults - 800 KZT)

Contact Us:

+7 (727) 261‒42‒69
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