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«Marching together cheerfully on open plains» joint exhibition with the children’s art school «Umai»

On August 31, 2021, the opening of a joint exhibition with the “Umai” children’s art school «Marching together cheerfully on open plains» was held at the Museum of Almaty.

One of the important areas of cultural activity of the Museum of Almaty is support and popularization of children’s creativity. Visual activity creates favorable conditions for the formation of a socially active, creative personality, that is capable of changing the world for the better. The formation of such a personality is the result of the child’s active participation in the creative process, providing him with constant training of positive emotions, feelings, experiences.

The exhibition provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the work of young artists, see with your own eyes a large number of interesting works made in various painting techniques, that embody authors’ ideas and creative, as well as search for their own style and their own plastic solutions.

The exhibition presents the works of senior students and teachers of the children’s art school «Umai».

Guests of the grand opening of the exhibition: students and teachers of the Children’s Art School «Umai».

The exhibition will be held until September 12.

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