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Literary-memorial museum complex of S. Mukanov and G. Musrepov

Literary-memorial museum complex of S. Mukanov and G. Musrepov

The literary exposition reflects life and career of the writers: youth, years of education, formation of S. Mukanov and G. Musrepov as writers, their social and political activity.

The house-museum of S. Mukanov was opened in 1978, and the house-museum of G. Musrepov in 1991, in the house where the writers lived and worked. Each museum consists of 2 parts: literary and memorial

Memorial room

The memorial part consists of working room, library, living room, bedroom – everything preserved as during the life of the writers. Knife of Shokan is among the valuable artefacts. S. Mukanov wrote a play, monograph and novel about Sh. Ualikhanov.


Literary room

The literary part consists of one large room. A portrait of G. Musrepov, demonstrating his mature and a light strict image, is at entrance in the museum.


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The museum’s structure

Adilgazy Zhasylykuly Kaiyrbekov

Director of the museum

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