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Exhibition «Bai-kuatty bolaiyk!» Dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the famous journalist, veteran of Kazakh television Nurtleu Imangaliuly

Алматы музейінде 2022 жылғы 15 маусым сағ.15:00-де  белгілі қоғам қайраткері, тележурналист Нұртілеу Иманғалиұлының 70 жылдығына арналған «Бай-қуатты болайық!» атты көрмелер тізбегінің ашылуы өтті. On June


On the eve of the 30-th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the occasion of the Day of the city of Almaty — the golden cradle of our Independence, in the museums of the State Enterprise «Association of the Museums of Almaty» of the Department of Culture of Almaty the action «Handing out — Aport apples» was held.

The origin of aport apples, the history of which dates back to Almaty. Russian travelers who explored the Verny fortress describe Almaty as a medieval


Thematic excursion

On the eve of Nauryz Meirama, the Museum of Almaty hosts an ethnographic exhibition of Kazakh applied art «Nauryz toyy-mereke, salt-dasturim bereke». The exhibition is



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