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Personal exhibition of a talented Kazakhstani artist of Nigerian origin Moses Zibor «We are not alone»

On November 17, 2021, the exhibition of the talented Kazakh artist of Nigerian origin Moses Zibor “We are not alone” was opened at the Museum of Almaty.

Multi talented Moses is a man of many parts, a model, actor, musician, footballer, physiologist, energy therapist, philanthropist, and artist. He is a Kazakhstani artist from Bayelsa State. His work were highly regarded and became demanded in Nigeria.

The exhibition provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the work of a multifaceted artist, reflecting not only ancient traditions, but also modern narration. His compositions are a portrait of an artist who has undoubtedly achieved high skill, which has a strong influence on the audience, transferring them beyond existentialism. His art is filled with its inherent strength, color, liveliness and spontaneity, representing an artistic odyssey, simultaneously shamanic, spiritual and metaphysical.

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