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«Sound Off» Exhibition of the art group Kyzyl Tractor at the Museum of Folk Musical Instruments n.a. Ykhlas

The Eurasian Cultural Alliance, together with the State Enterprise “Association of Museums of Almaty City”, presented the exhibition “Sound OFF” by the art group Kyzyl Tractor, which takes place as part of the biennale of Sound Art and New Music Korkut, organized by the Center for Contemporary Culture «Tselinny».

On October 7th at 17:00 at the Museum of Folk Musical Instruments named after Ykhlas, an exhibition of one of the earliest art groups of Kazakhstan «Kyzyl Tractor» opened. The focus of the artist’s research is sound as a way of reuniting with the oral tradition and an attempt to deconstruct it. Some kind of intangible heritage that roams the steppe along with people and thus fixes the collective memory. These reflections on the nature of sound can be found in the paintings, sculptures and performances of the group.

“The oldest foundation of human culture — ritual — contains, as one of its most important components, sound,” writes the musicologist Saida Elemanova, and the viewer cannot fail to notice the connection between Ritual and Sound in the early works of “Kyzyl Tractor”. It is important to note that the artists do not produce sound art through interaction with New Media, recording technologies or sound manipulation, do not use speakers or other equipment in their works. We are talking about experiencing a personal spiritual experience through the sound that the artists extract either with their voice or with the help of instruments made mainly by the hands of one of the members of the group — Moldakul Narymbetov, who used organic materials to create these instruments: wood, stones, leather.

The exhibition will run until October 27th.

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