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“The Origin and Development of String Musical Instruments of the Peoples of the World” — scientific and practical conference

On October 21, 2022, the Ykhlas Museum of Folk Musical Instruments hosted an international scientific and practical conference on the topic “The Origin and Development of String Musical Instruments of the Peoples of the World”.

The conference considered comprehensive studies of the emergence and development of musical instruments of the Kazakh people and the peoples of the world, their similarities, the current state of change.

The conference was held in the following areas:

• Origin and development of stringed musical instruments of the peoples of the world;

• Problems of the history of performance: traditions and innovation;

• Stringed musical instruments in the funds of the museums of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the world: the level of preservation and study.

The conference was attended by domestic and foreign museologists, musicologists, archaeologists and ethnographers. During the conference, Erbolat Mustafayev, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, Associate Professor of Art Studies at the Institute of Art, Culture and Sports of KazNPU named after Abai, Ersayyn Basyqara, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, Professor of the Kazakh National Conservatory named after Kurmangazy, Senior Researcher at the Atameken Historical and Cultural Center, archaeologist Alpamys Abu, head of the Shet Regional Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum Saltanat Kamytbayeva, owner of the badge «Madeniet salasynyn uzdigi» of the Republic of Kazakhstan, chief curator of the fund of the Karaganda regional museum of local history Oryspayeva Meruert, senior lecturer of the Kazakh National University of Arts in Astana Yerbol Mukhamediev, head of the literary memorial museum named after the people’s poet U.Karibaev Auelbek Iskakov read their reports.

Researcher of the Russian National Museum of Music Sofya Ovsyannikova, Ph.D., Head of the Department of Culture, Art, Religion and Local History of the National Museum of the Republic of Tyva Laida Mongush and teacher of music at the Tyva Khogzhum Research and Education Center of Tuva State University, teacher of the Kyzyl Pedagogical College , Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Choduraa Tumat read their reports online via video.

At the end of the conference participants were awarded certificates.

Conference moderator — Daulet Zhailybay, senior researcher at the Eurasian Research Institute, ethnographer.

Today, the Ykhlas Museum of Folk Musical Instruments functions as a scientific center, in which, in addition to exhibition and exposition works, scientific and practical conferences, seminars, lectures and expeditions are regularly organized. It should be noted that this is the third international conference organized by the museum. Prior to that, they were held in 2017 and 2019.

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