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Toy exhibition «Winter fairy tale»

On December 4, 2020, the opening of the toy exhibition «Winter fairy tale» was held in the Museum of Almaty on the eve of the new year holidays. The exhibition of rare and collectible toys «Winter fairy tale» is the first exhibition in the Republic of Kazakhstan in its orientation and content. The exhibition presented a collection of toys – rare exhibits of the XIX-XX centuries. (Russia, Germany, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, etc.).

The opening of the exhibition «Winter’s tale» seems to us relevant both for the national and international context with the prospect of creating the first toy Museum in the post-Soviet space. The exhibition of toys «Winter fairy tale» can become a meeting place for people with the history of the holiday, the main meaning of which has always been the good and eternal that unites humanity.

In addition to the above-mentioned new year’s exhibits, numerous exhibits of the XIX-XX centuries were used to immerse visitors in the atmosphere of the era.

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